"This is the way to do it!"

Swamiji: Either it was an agent of Shankara Bhagwan who had come or it was Shankara Bhagwan himself.
Devotee: But Swamiji, that happened more than twenty years ago!

It means, one wouldn`t forget. Shiva`s private parts are a very fine instrument - if someone Comes in love. Damaru bole, hare Shiva Shankara! In german, it is my own. In english, it is for more people. In Hindi, it is for Swamiji. It is too good to be true. For People who can see God in stone, it is no Problem whatsoever to see Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj in his disciple Mr. M.P. Singh. It`s as simple as that. These is the goal posts. The goal keeper is usually found in between the two. What accounts for the great difference is whether Swamiji manifests upon a man or upon a woman, and it depends on whether a man or woman brings Swamiji from India to a western country or whether Swamiji comes on a man or woman from a western country to India to talk to Indians on their home ground. It is not a matter of having a big beard or of not having a big beard.

"The truth? Who`s truth? Your truth."
Yogi is 95%. God is 5%.
Swamiji: How many do you have?
Devotee: Eight.
Swamiji: Give me three.
What is Swamiji giving giving giving... The question marks to Bibi ka Gulam. If one says it again and again, it turns sweet. It isn´t advisable to proceed in the same manner with Rama`s name.

The Living Murti Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Eko aham - the one who flairs it all up again.

Is Shri Swamiji coming in all his devotees? Someone has said, "if this had happened to me, I would have walked up to the next person on the platform and told him to give me a kick in my ass, so that I know this really happened."
I repeat the question: Has Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj manifested in all his devotees? Of course, fully and completely, as fully and completely as "EKO AHAM"

"One drop of lemon can change a room full of milk." Shri Swamiji, September 1998. Now, Shivabalayogi Maharaj is in the Internet. Here, it`s been made possible and we, the Bangalore devotees who´s Love and Devotion it defiled, weren´t heard of again.
End of the Story. Do it thyself!

Has Shivabalayogi Maharaj made promises to all his devotees?
To Maharani of Bhadawar, the daughter of Shivabalayogi`s ´so called´ second mother he did. In her own words and in her own handwriting:
"There are two statements of Swamiji`s that made a profound impact and have stayed with me, I hope, forever. They come to mind in times of crises. One is, "Keep it in mind always, that Swami is there", and the other "Do not worry, I will always look after you. I never make idle promises." She had given.
Devotees are giving their experiences and Shri Swamiji would clarify the experiences. It isn`t easily possible for devotees to judge the experience another devotee has had. One wouldn´t know whether someone is making it up or not and also not who is and who is not devoted to Shri Swamiji one is able to tell. People do, they play hide and seek with each other and also with Swamiji. Not only Shri Swamiji comes to test-devotees also.
"To be good is not enough. One must know." Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Books about Shivabalayogi are judged by the Readers of the book, and preferably by those Readers who were formerly not associated with Shivabalayogi Maharaj. Their judgment should be grounded on the experiences the book reading has given them, only on that. One should not be guided by who it`s author is and by which official organization it has been published. Shivabalayogi gives experiences to those who come to him for darshan, whether it be in a book or whether it be in a program held in his presence in astral or in physical form. Authors give their own name for what they write. In case, a Reader has questions: Ask the author. Don´t ask Swamiji. Which official organization, which trust, which ashram is presently, meaning since Shivabalayogi`s Mahasamadhi on 2nd of April 1994, fiercely debated amongst his devotees. They haven`t come to consents amongst each other. So, which devotees are the officials, those who took up a post, talking about.
Mr. M.P. Singh has done for Shivabalayogi as Satja Raju has done for Shivabalayogi. Satja raj`s tapas made it possible for people to be in the living presence of Yogi and Mr. M.P. Singh makes it possible after Mahasamadhi. That is what both have in common. Available for twenty four hours. From day to day.
Hadn`t it been for M.P. Singh, the People would be sitting in front of another Swami, after mahasamadhi, he secured it would be Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He made sure 100% and a little more.
Read what you have given:

While the search for the svayambhu lingam was going on, a specially commissioned statue of Parvati was being sculpted in Mysore. The installation of this murti (form or statue) was scheduled to take place on Maha Shivaratri immediately after the consecration of the lingam.
The night before Maha Shivaratri, Shivabalayogi was sitting in the mandir when Parvati appeared before him and demanded two blood sacrifices as worship to her during the installation of her idol. Swamiji promptly refused. He reverently but firmly told the Divine Mother that blood sacrifices were unacceptable to him and none would be performed within his ashram. Bhavani (a name of Parvati meaning giver-of-existence) smiled and vanished. But as events proved, she was determined to have her own way despite her son`s objections.

"We haven`t come to prove", that was Swamiji on Mr. R.B. Singh, Shivabalananda Swami.

The next night was Shivaratri and a large crowd gathered at the ashram. Among them was a stout sadhu who arrived about four in the afternoon. Devotees were singing bhajans and a large number of people were in bhava samadhi and dancing ecstatically to the rhythm of the devotional music. (The trance state of bhava samadhi is described in a later chapter.) The sadhu observed the people in trance and announced with a sneer to anyone who would listen that it was all a fake. To prove his point, the sadhu struck the man nearest him with his wooden sandal.

"Come out or I catch you by your balls", who said?

The sadhu had hoped to expose the acting, but there was no act. The man he struck was in the bhava of Hanuman, the great and powerful devotee of Rama. The man in bhava grabbed the wooden shoe from the sadhu´s hand and hit the sadhu on the head with enough force to crack it open. Blood was spurting from the sadhu`s head as he fell unconscious to the ground.

"R.B., where is the bhava, come on", who said?

There was a commotion among the crowd as the sadhu was carried to swamiji. As soon as Swamiji saw the blood streaming from the head, he called to his Mother saying "I told you there should be no blood sacrifice in the ashram, and now look what you have done." Swamiji applied blessed vibhuti on the wound and had the sadhu´s head tightly bandaged. The sadhu`s life was saved, and after some time he regained consciousness.

The best is yet to come.
Later that same night of Shivaratri, Swamiji sat alone in the mandir and Bhavani again appeared to him. She told him that she was still thirsty and wanted more blood to drink. "Haven´t you had enough?"asked Swamiji. "See how much blood that poor man lost."
"No," replied Bhavani, "only half of my thirst has been quenched. I want more blood."
"In that case," said Swamiji, "I will give you all the blood you want. Please leave the devotees alone." He extended his left hand and Bhavani bit into the forearm and sucked the blood that flowed out. As midnight approached, Swamiji asked Bhavani to let him go as the time was approaching for the installation ceremonies. Bhavani smiled, blessed the yogi and disappeared.

According to Swami Shivabalananda, R.B. Singh, a devotee is someone who follows the instruction of God/Guru and dedicates his/her life for others to tread the path divine.

The highly unusual circumstances surrounding the installation of the lingam and the form of Parvati are dramatic indications that Shiva and Parvati are manifest in those physical forms. To be in the presence and see the lingam and the statue in the dhyan mandir is a great blessing. One is receiving the darshan of God.

Given at request.
Can Indians make a comparison between Sri Ramakrishna, the crazy Pandit from Dakineshwara, to Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi, the King of Yogi from Adivarapupeta?
Can Indians compare a murti of Kali to a murti of Parvati?
Can Sri Ramakrishna`s mission be compared to the mission of Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj?

Can one compare yogi to yogi?
Shri Shri Shri

Mainly, it is dedicated to ignorant men. To those who compared ninety days of Tapas to twelve years of Tapas.
To Jagadish Kumar, Tom Palotas and others, or did the two ask of Shivabalayogi for all devotees? One can compare. I ask. I want to know. I find out. Swamiji isn`t telling you and neither am I.
...The question had been given to Shivabalayogi manifested in Mr. R.B. Singh in the last of three open programs. "If people have questions, should we write to Bangalore?"
"Yes. No. She`ll get all the answers in her dhyan."
On the occasion of Tapas Anniversary 1995, in the Centre of Indian Culture of Shivabalayogi Maharaj, it was asked: Are these intelligent people? The answer given, was: Swamiji, don`t ask this question.
The question was immidiately repeated: Are These intelligent People? Swamiji is asking.

A book is sealed. It`s knowledge isn´t flying around openly, unlike it is given here but then - it had been said in advance, they wouldn`t do it chupke chupke.
"If yogi is not very intelligent, what are his devotees. Are they intelligent people?"
30% soul, 60% intelligence, emotions reduced to 10% yogi had said, that is, if one practices dhyan.
Kindly browse the websites. Let me be your inspiration!

A poet you think you are?
A good one you`ll never be.
A man of wisdom you pretend to be that cannot be compared to me.
To be, that is what it`s all about. He is or he wouldn`t be there. Nonsense.

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He is there because it is convenient for many, regardless of whether one is for or against him sitting there. Devotees aren`t really interested to know whether he is or he is not. They aren´t sadhus. They don´t have that kind of attitude to know what is fake. For a true sadhu, it is essential to know.
"That was Swamiji. Swamiji was very happay." Really?
Is the meaning of the sanskrit word aham I am or to be? That would be the question.

To be the living yogi or I am the living yogi?
To be the living yogi one need to do twelve years of Tapas. For I am the living yogi a Jnana Yogi can confer his powers onto another person by his mere wish. No other yogi can do that, only a Jnana Yogi can raise another person onto his own spiritual level, so the scriptures say. That would be the difference it would make to: I am the living yogi. THE EKO AHAM
is in ham, in we are THE LIVING YOGI. There is supposed to be no ham in Sanskrit, so we suggest the Mantra SHIVO HAM is Hindi. Would devotees agree to it? To what? To the possibility that Shivabalayogi Maharaj `s is Hindi. How many People understand Telegu, as many as understand German. Swamiji wants more People to understand. It is given in English for the purpose. Ask them!
Is God in form of yogi, is Shivrudrabalayogi invited for the Mahashivaratri function in Adivarapupeta, and he is coming? Is God in form of Yogi coming to Adivarapupeta? Kama is the God of Love. Is Kami God in the form of female love? Is the meaning of Shivakami a woman who loves Shiva? Or, that also comes to mind, is it Shiva who loves a female`s love and devotion?
Shiva had overcome Lord Kama. Lord Shiva had churned the ocean.

Love without blemish & questions without meaning
Shiva Rudra Bala Yogi
If Adi is changed to Aadi and dhyan to dhyaan then baal has to be changed to baaal. Firstly, teach them the phonetics!
In King´s language, it is all for thee. Behold, O King, behold!

... I shall be many. Shouldn`t it be the other way round? The three is one. And four is YOU. Swamiji has given names to four People. Jagadish Kumar, R.B. Singh, Seenuji and to M.P. Singh. Only R.B. Singh is using it: Swami Shivabala Ananda. And that People do not believe it, that he also said. Mr. M.P. Singh did a great deal to get his instructions, which he received, confirmed. Why did he doubt? Only to confirm whether we got it right. Right, in the sense of proper and correct.

Straight in the face...................... Better not!

In the words of Pandit Krishnamurti, the young, ardent devotee of Shivabalayogi Maharaj:"I can tantalize a thousand People."

To be the one in all. Indians can`t say. Babaji, if blood is thicker than water then I change the water.

Made in Germany
Bird Brain! Bird Brain, would you believe it-it comes via Agra, India.
Swamiji is supposed to have said. Neither is it his handwriting nor his style. It`s nothing at all to do with Shivabalayogi Maharaj. M.P. Singh is well.

In regard of Mantra and Tantra, we took the Adi Mantra, the first Mantra, and here we pray: Give us that knowledge worth having! More important than saying it, is to think about it! About each and every syllable, starting from Tat ..upto Kondangi Baba, Satya Shivabalayogi.