Defile and Devotion in homosexual love practice, The yogi Shivabalayogi

Thomas L. Palotas has resigned at the feet of His Guru not worth the dust at his sacred holy feet.
A humble man, no doubt.

It isn`t possible to approach much further without having ones life changed. We know of only two chairs and on either one one sits comfortably. One is the chair of knowledge and one is the chair of ignorance. Beware only of those who don`t have a chair to sit on. It is likely to become uncomfortable.
If you decide to approach the heightened platform where you will find The Seated, beware not to slap yourself. To the right it is shivabalayogi de and shivabalayogi @
It is not Yoga Nidra. It comes so late in time it don`t matter anymore. Now you know what I know like the revelations about Jesus Christ don´t change like that Shivarudrabalayogi had said, if people don`t meditate the Guru can´t do anything. That is the sole idea behind it, how to stop Shivabalayogi Maharaj from what he`s doing. The followers liked those peace conferences. They wanted to see him there ad sign. They counted how much had come and not only how many. At the end it was only the sickness, there was nothing much apart from it left. When the yogi sat for programs one could say. At the end everyone knows then what was the point of keeping in the beginning. Let go! It is a matter of copper, silver and gold on how they`ll be treated. R.B. Singh, alone, had already mentioned that the palm trees have grow high, meantime. While the name has been changed to Banga whatever. One can`t help thinking, some is not quite not quite proper at the place where he didn´t unite, didn´t return and hadn´t liked. The place where Thomas L. Palotas did write. It was called Tom`s room. In American language, isn´t a lady`s room a toilet and let`s built toilets instead of temples the new slogan in India? Nowadays. Shiva Rudrabalayogi would know all the answers, certainly. It seems to be a matter of questions for the knowledge to be given. There we are: This is the dias, the takhat. It is not a bed. It is covered. Those are some old pictures. Yes, he is dead. He definitely is. A living person they wouldn´t have lowered into the pit. No way.

Swamiji is not such a good lover. You are a very good writer. Swamiji is very shy. Cate Viscusi had described how he had cuffed it with his hands on her return to her bedroom which Sri Swamiji had liked because he could use it in its privacy. She didn`t understand why he hadn`t got dressed upon opening the door. She did regard unusual and even though, she was a mother on top.
She had given deep knowledge to initiates of what to expect of Swamiji at night in a caravan. It may read romantic but the fact was - only snoring and nothing else. There isn`t much comfort to be found for ladies. It`s in most women`s nature deeply build in. They like a little nest and one should have it built for them.

"Look at our Maharani, making a double bed for herself!"
I thought you`re the Maharani here. And again we find Thomas L. Palotas well informed: A fraud is sitting on the land which is regarded Ganesh Place. Yes, M.P. Singh Swamiji, the very one. The same one who sat in the caravan, meditating in snoring throughout the night. At one point, Cate Viscusi had had enough and left for a proper bed and a good night`s sleep. The It place to be - Ganesh Place in North Carolina, the first, so to speak. The First is Thomas L. Palotas.
"Is there anything else you want to blame me for", he asked in writing. That reply to that question one must read to know what bhava in writing is. Thomas L. Palotas couldn`t find any bhava in it and instead asked,":are you shitting me?" Dear respected Mr. Tom Palotas! This it. This Bhairava. This is what two men have caused the mission who went into a fight of who is and who is not Shivabalayogi. M.P. Singh Swamiji quoted Swamiji himself who is to have said to Tom Palotas, "now Swamiji is in the U.S.A., now what do you do? The second best`s face got black. Of course, Thomas L. Palotas could not feel enthusiastic about it as in Indians in general wouldn´t be enthusiastic about it, also not that Gen. Hanut Singh. Good enough for those who came a little later. One needs to imagine it like buffet where the gents eat first and the ladies get the left overs. That is a good comparison to: This is Swamiji in his new body. " Now there is man. Now we can go." Devotees will not follow. They will question thee, O Geshe - la What will you do?
I think, in English it is `on the compound`. Whatever it is; compound is a very nice sounding word for it and closely resembling in bhava on. There are hardly any secrets if one keeps one`s ear on the wall. It would be called PRANAYAMA and is very pure. You be gentle, meditate, avoid all conflicts! Don`t run into those of age would mean, don´t cross the line to devotees of knowledge. Age wouldn´t matter. They could be young and old at the same time. If they get hold of you, you´ve have and not had your best time in life. It is over. One ghost is enough. Of course, they can´t do anything, not really. Really, but not really really. Only, one becomes an idiot. That would be all and enough. Set only one example is called in India "THE ONE HUNDRED MONKEY THEORY"
What you read here is written by the The Brightest Candle on the centre piece of Shivabalayogi`s birthday cake. .

It`s all been given in advance. Today it and I wouldn`t be.. Shivabalayogi troubles the religious establishment not only because he re instituted the worship of Brahma after thousands of years. The establishment also dislikes his open welcome of all people. Swamiji explains that all temples in India have rules about who may enter and how they may dress or behave. Such rules are codified in the temple´s written rules and have the force of law under the Indian constitution. One temple may prohibit entry by any non-Hindu; another may forbid women. One requires men to be naked from the waist up, and another insists that all People be dressed completely in black. No matter who the Person may be, and there are incidents of the prime Minister and high officials being denied entry, they must obey the restrictions.
Swamiji has no such rules.

I am one - Eko aham
A sincere person, any sincere person, follows the given instruction of Shri Swamiji, if one has agreed to do something on behalf of Shri Swamiji. One week is one week. Shri Swamiji is and was and always will be very accurate and make sure a person understands before what the given task is about.
Thomas L. Palotas had volunteered immediately after Shri Swamiji`s mahasamadhi and conversed with Shri Swamiji on Miss Yashoda in the meditation hall in Bangalore..
In Kakinada, it had been in the early hours of Monday, the 28th of March that Sri Swamiji`s (Sri without letter h) physical condition had turned for the worse. During the night Sri Swamiji had asked for immediate dialysis, knowing it would relieve the symptoms from which his body suffered. He was scheduled for dialysis later that morning, but by 3 a.m. he forced those with him to call the nephrologist to arrange for dialysis immediately. The nephrologist refused the request because there was no dialysis technician available at the time in the night. Advised of the doctor´s response, Swamiji had insis
ted that his host go to the doctor and personally insist on immediate dialysis He and his two cousins went as instructed. But again the doctor refused. Finally, Swamiji made his attending physician telephone the nephrologist. Once again, the doctor had refused, saying that Swamiji was already in an emergency situation and he would not undertake the risk of dialysis without a technician. His technician would arrive at 7 a.m. and Swamiji could be analysed then.
By this time it had been about 3.30 a.m. Sri Swamiji had to wait, and he had asked for and had received an avil injection which had helped him get a little nap. From this time on, Swamiji had not wanted two of his devotees to leave his presence. Swamiji would sleep with his head in one lap, then on the other, holding both devotees´hands. His body had become more comfortable.

It is far off from the usual proceedings usually done and undertaken in hospitals in this world. It is a unique approach to doctors in general by Sri Swamiji and his family members to keep and prevent ....... yes. There are multiple reasons for Thomas L. Palotas. 1994, Shivabalayogi had made a professional yogi´s choice on Miss Yashoda in the City of Bangalore, India. I have been present in an Indian private Hospital in 1994 when my daughter, 9 years old at the time, had asked the doctor one question. Only one question!
It is especially dedicated to doctors and therapist and to one typo - give instead of five. Give what? It would be the knowledge worth having. It would be called `The Gayatri Mantra`.
To Lord Brahma

dem Auge fern - dem Herzen nah..Jai! Ganesha.

Under close observation called "Shivabalayogi Guidance"
.......However, I want to bring the following to your notice; we all have been sitting in front of Swamiji and word by word...
In Silence and for Peace of Mind.

In the mental attitude of a friend.

It would mean, those people who only had a physical connection to Shivabalayogi wouldn`t have any connection without his body after Mahasamadhi. Those devotees who had a soul connection would have been in consensus with the yogi and come to a decision.

One of the very few who had been sitting in front of Shivabalayogi Maharaj and had kept word by word in writing is Thomas L. Palotas and he concludes that The truly enlightened do not use spiritual power for their own benefit, so they will not heal their own physical afflictions. Especially in the last few years of his physical life when Sri Swamiji`s body suffered so very greatly, people would ask why he did not use his powers to heal himself. After all, they would point out, his physical ailments were causing sorrow to the devotees and they were also interfering with Sri Swamiji`s ability to travel and give darshan. Sri Swamiji would respond very firmly that it would be misuse of powers to use them for himself. He has come to this earth and completed tapas not for his own sake but to serve all people at the instruction of his Guru. Sri Swamiji would never use his powers for himself. He cared nothing for his body and he repeatedly said it made no difference to him whether he completed his mission with or without his body.

Those many devotees had come to find the truth in their Meditation and they would have approached Lord Shiva, the Guru, in the attitude of a friend? It is difficult, it is impossible to believe and Shivabalayogi and all spiritual leaders, all the sadhus and fakirs are in consensus that God is not anyone`s friend, also not the friend of his tapasvin disciple Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj regardless of how many years of Tapas whether it be twelve or thirteen or one thousand years like Ravanna in Indian x history.. We all know it from Shri Swamiji`s own book, officially given in a blue cover to Thomas L. Palotas, very much officially, very much proving, in front of many honourable judges.
I would also agree to a pseudonym, and I have made up my mind: Mr. Hasani. "It is our Mr. Hasani". It was an official who had said and is, of course based on an experience. Only yesterday, it means it`s fresh. Delete it. There is a crux to it. If he get no healing why should you. Those devotees who couldn´t and wouldn´t also shouldn`t, like the great yogi, maha-maham-maa
. Oh come on, that is already proof enough. More proof isn`t needed. I am one is eko aham. Believe it or not.
Shivabalayogi, He gave strict instructions that if devotees inquired, those attending Sri Swamiji were to respond that Sri Swamiji was enjoying good health. He did not want the devotees to worry about him. When Sri Swamiji became very ill while touring the United States in 1991, we rearranged his schedule of programs to give him rest. On this occasion also, he gave us strict instructions that no one was to be told about his illness or anything else other than he was simply resting. We were not even allowed to tell other devotees where he was staying. As a result of his concern about unnecessary worry, most devotees had no idea of the severity of his illness until his final samadhi.
For devotees who meditated regularly there wasn`t any need to be told and the others didn`t care.. His path, in order to come closer to God and Swamiji, is dhyan. All devotees know. Love can`t do it or Maria Magdalena would have prevented at the time what had happened to Jesus Christ. Today, it is the same devotees who want to give info, in case... if people have questions.. just read their websites.
Ahhh, the experience, of course! In dhyan not, I had reported to the official and he had said, "this is our Mr. Hansani. He refuses to take help".

Oh my God! Anyone who´s had a blister, only a blister... the pain that man, I saw yesterday, must have had is unimaginable to me How can he bear, both, the Station Master Official as well as that man. Upon the official`s response I`ve given it to Swamiji for the very first time. Yesterday. Immediately. Han - Han - Hanumanji, achcha! In German language one would say, not the brightest candle on the cake. To make a long story short, there are two guards in charge. One is Lord Bhairava Bhagawan and one is Lord Hanuman. Both, they are not regarded pure. They are half /half. Half human, half God. In the aeons of time, long ago, there used to be very close relation between the two. They do understand each other very well. It goes back in time until then. It means, one has to get in touch with them. They have to agree. If they like you it is one and if they don`t, they tare you apart. They rip you to pieces. Don`t complain, not that I haven´t told you.
by Mr. Hasani...........As it is done in Circus it is a Divine Play. It is honoured, either or. Not at night and not at day.
Those who have the soul connected, ask them, if one wants the mind on and to Shivabalayogi Maharaj connected, how would one do it. They know how to bring one group up and another down and, for the sake of Shivabalayogi Maharaj and his Mission, it is a given emphasis on HIS mission, one must place a deep worry into the so - called devotees mind in order to deeply disturb their minds, hearts and soul.. Like a wheel going round and round the mind tries to solve ....but if...then...why...... and since the solution cannot be found because the foundation is fake... but if Shivabalayogi was such a great yogi then why ......................................................
Worries are good for nothing but those and similar thoughts are like a knife. I am not talking about a knife that cuts a cake. I am talking about the knife of differentiation of mind that cuts it into forty pieces. Birthday isn`t regarded as high as Tapas Anniversary that only few human celebrate whereas a Birthday Party is quite common in the United States.
Indians know when they have taken a body. A spiritual birth is something different. The Gayatri Mantra is for "The Twice Born". The female are not in need of it. They receive all knowledge through through their Guru, first the father than the husband and then it would be the brother.
That is the very reason why an Indian Swami had openly remarked about the girl in New Delhi who got raped by a group of men and died after enormous suffering. One had taken her out of the Sub Continent to one of the best hospitals in Asia and in spite of those actions, her life couln`t be saved. There was an uproar amongst Indians and they were all challenged by the words of that renown Swami with many followers. Had`the girl approached her offenders in the attitude of brothers, she could have avoided the calamity of misuse, of that rape of an unimaginable brutiny exercised on her. Her boy friend is in a life-long- wheel..... KARMA. If they hadn`t gone to the cinema that evening, if they hadn`t taken the bus, if he would have been killed instead of her...... and that SWAMI lifted it up to a spiritual level and our thanks go to him. Remember the pure woman in the sari? Nothing could be done to her. God had himself prevented. It is in everything we see and also in what we don´t see. Eko Aham.

When Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj gives instruction to a person yogi gives blessing. First, yogi is asking a person before giving. By the result one can tell. Is it an apple tree or is it some other tree. The fruits tell you. By it`s fruits everyone comes to know. Mango, in India it is a mango tree. Those fruits are liked the most in the heat of the days.
We all know what pure is. It is without blemish then it is regarded pure Mr. M.P. Singh in connection with, on and in Shivabalayogi Maharaj is pure. It is bhava without blemish. It is Swamiji in bhava on. It has been changed to time, in pure. But he has a wife....... M.P.>Singh, greater than himself. Lord Shiva talks to his consort. "What is Dhyana?" It`s fruit should be juicy. It`s fruit should be sweet. It should be in a certain form. That form Indian like the best. For Shivabalayogi Maharaj one would naturally only want the best. The best paper, the best writer, the best. Simply The Best. One can twist and turn it as one likes but of course, there is a tiny gap. That is how the light comes in. That`s how it shines from above. Like a peeping Tom, it is very much the same. And hence the bhava to Tom Palotas had asked, why is he creating all those differences. He has given himself the role of an International Trustee of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.. Go ahead, who should stop... You know...... THE LIVING, it goes for idiot and all others also. "O, Devi!"
No. It`s not all peanuts for Swamiji and we are not talking of peanut butter. We are talking of pure ladies. We are talking to pure ladies. We only know of pure ladies. "What is dhyana?"
Certainly, it isn`t to be found at those places, Shiva, my consort, let me tell and advise you.. The where, the how, the what we find in living your life The rules of conduct, so to speak.. Always keep my address, in times of, shiva parvati It is for me. It is for you. It is simple truth. Not that I want to be a scholar but it is also for them. Yogi is for all. The cover is designed for and with children, one to be precise. Eko aham. One of six is seven. Like the book, it´s higher math.
Invisibly protected and it is only it´s website. It`s not the real yet. It is only talk. It is only a cover, newly befitting The Divine Play, of course handmade. They are of use, it all depends who has inaugurated, who has given blessing, who`s name has been mentioned, who had taken the trouble of writing. Not now, had. Had is completed in the past. (Written in 1996, published 1997). Given in Adivarapupeta to Swamiji, November 1997. We are Rajput. We are already famous. We are of gotra, we are of breed. Dhyana is your - whatever - is for people in India who are called "Untouchable". Very much resembling Swamiji. "Look, don`t touch!" Yes, a glass house. Conservatory, a winter garden. Nice. Who wouldn´t like it. Don`t cast stones, if you are sitting in one. How many agents does God have is a rhetorical question. One isn´t expected to count. We judge them by their experiences. That`s how we have come to know. We are warriors, understand that. We are not lions in a zoo. Jai, Bhairava! Dedicated to the temple in Kashi. The golden temple. The only one. Eko Aham.
For that one need not go into a retreat into the pine trees. I pee on it! That makes it `hi`. Let`s make Shivabalayogi great again. "Hi, Swamiji!" what do ´these people think who they are.

Shiva, my Lord, they are American. They are born free. Don`t get excited for nothing. They would of course not know how and where to place their feet, let alone into which direction. Don´t get aroused, yes, you are The Lord. You are big and strong, no doubt about it. It`s the culture gap. These people do not understand. You need to teach them and patiently explain. You`ve put them on the path. It`s all those who had come without prior testing. They haven´t passed any test at all and that is your Shivabalayogi. HE carries your name and you had said, o.k. Try it! You are, Lord Shiva, not Vishnu. Not this time. Leave me alone with that man of rules, Rama Rama! Remove your car or I help you remove it, rama rama...... his vehicle is what, a unicorn or a simple white horse? Vishnu the 10th, an Avatar, Kalki. Who has said it is? The Book said. I am one is eko Aham. An Indian with a feather on a horse, that one. The Chief Director. The Art Man. That is the one.
He`s just come from a retreat in the name of, don´t say. Keep it. North Carolina, USA. Until the 9th of June 2018. Really?
How many have passed the test this time?
Tom Palotas has said I should make a list. He also wants to know whom he should love and who not, Mr. Hasani. It`s not. He is not on the list. Most probably, he is an M. Indians would know. They`ll fill it for you.
"What are all those symbols?" These are the symbols for those who ask "what is dhyana?"
After so many retreats they are still asking?
That`s what twenty - four - hour - bjhava means, Swami on an apple..They make a dream Team, Miss Yashoda is a pure lady and `Yogi is love`, for Tom, L.Palotas. Tomorrow would have been my mother`s birthday. Swamiji can`t say. It`s not only a matter of give. It is also a matter of take. Here, we have a situation where Swamiji wants it terminated but Thomas L. Palotas and Jagadish Kumar are opponents to Bhava in and on and of Shivabalayogi Maharaj for the reason of `misuse´. One can play it up, one can pretend, one can fake it. Very easily one can. People are basically idiots with no experience, no former upbringing in spiritual matters, easy prey to and for preachers, spiritual leaders and those who are only readers. Reading from a book is not praying. It is reading. Meditating is not resting or sleeping or letting go, and of course one needs a teacher like one needs a teacher for everything in this world.. In India, it is referred to as Maa who gives and takes, both. The First and The Last breath. It is about Pranayama.
If you are already practicing Pranayama,...... yama is when it is exhaled. STOP: If it not follows pretty soon then a person is regarded dead.
The most direct evidence that Sri Swamiji took on karma comes from a devotee`s experience which took place in Dehra Dun in the 1980`s. Jolly good! It is quite simple to prove. We haven´t come to prove is to express, Swamiji also does not want to get caught. Hashtag: ME TOO. Good Lord, where all his hands went, where all he touched. One female had said,"here I think he`s touching my Heart Chakra and he maybe touching my boobs!"
"Where should I keep it?"
I have come in the form of a lawyer for Shri Swamiji. I have come to defend him. I am talking to all three lokas. I am one- Eko aham. Only one slap on the butt would be enough. Not a single one has complaint. They all loved it. Lord Krishna, after all, is a pretty good lover and a great spender. By no means could one say that he´s misused his powers. The ladies literally fell into his arms and heart, very easily. A Romeo, that R.B. Singh, a very nice one. We all loved him much more than that talker and liar and so good looking! Nice. What powers!
A penny for your thoughts, Mr. Hasani.. In this life and in all the others, yogi is one. I had asked Mr. Thomas L. Palotas. It is not the love between two men that Shivabalayogi spoke about, it is the practice which he regarded `not good´. When one man takes another man from behind in the place where usually nothing goes in, only out, then one is surprised how well that yogi is informed about what homosexuals do in private and in public, to show their love and render themselves in deep devotion to one another. If one can talk about taking on Karma then one can also talk of the homosexual practices. One can ask the yogi every question. There are enough questions, only the people who ask are few. Thomas L. Palotas is the witness. Yes, we can. THIS is a spiritual website. Shiva, it is a website one must know. As one must know what me too means and two men from front and behind, from left and from right, from up and from down. Inside and outside becomes one in EKO AHAM.
"We all have been sitting in front of Swamiji and word by word it had to be translated....."
What is brutiny?"
It is brute and brutality combined to one word. In a new body, so to speak. What should two men do and how would they love a woman? For women, there is nothing to be gained by and through gay men. It is that simple in yogi is love. They wouldn´t protect women and children.. They protect themselves, only. They can´t do what a woman can do. They have no power, no shakti. What they have is strong desire and that desire is easily found and fulfilled with another man. Women, females in general are much more complicated on that field. In dhyana is no difference. No difference at all. "She is mental" is a common feature, addressed to ladies. "We all have been sitting in front of Swamiji and word by word it had to be translated......however." "Indeed, we are deeply indebted to you."
No harm in asking, but if one is a Managing Trustee of Shivabalayogi Maharaj, one must know. Trustees of an International Trust must know what international means.
I used to be the sunday bhava on the 4th floor. It is possible within one week. The mahasamadhi Shivabalayogi without a comma, without full stop. Perhaps, maybe isn`t possible for a true devotee, with the Blessing of the Yogi. Swamiji cuts his way through. "Forget about karma."
I have, at no point in time in my own life, been sitting in front of someone whom I have perceived clothed in white and given salutations to that one who`s body is said to be white, and who is many coloured and has four hands and is said to be, the Lord of Yogis devoted to Shiva and Godess Parvati other than sitting in myself in front of various people who regarded themselves to be sitting in front of the astral manifestation of a yogi who had passed away outwardly.
The yogi I had met had been nude, completely undressed, besides a loin cloth that, while seated, couldn`t be seen. His body wasn´t white. For a South Indian his skin was rather fair which mattered a lot to Indians but ment nothing to me. He was a short built man, very ordinary looking like a sadhu -, not in any way spectacular like others on the rivers and at the temples and auspicious places in India. Who and what the man Shivabalayogi Swamiji was devoted and, dedicated to had been invisible to me. There weren´t any hints given to the public by photographs or otherwise. The yogi had a very small photograph in a frame in front of himself on the platform called dias which was of no interest to the people coming to the yogi. He was regarded Yogi. One was told that He is a Yogi. The A was, as I remember, always given in English language. There wasn`t any doubt that Shivabalayogi wasn`t the first and not the last Yogi in the land of so many sadhus and yogis. There wasn`t any question for any one at all whether that the man was A Yogi. Whether he was what he and his followers claimed about him or whether he was only another of the many promising ones was at question, certainly. I questioned him. I had come from the West where other yogis from Asia were already after the youths in western countries, and I had wondered whether Shivabalayogi might be one of those fellow men. Shivabalayogi had asked me:
"Do you think that Swamiji is a Money Guru?"
We had given a donation on behalf of my mother-in-law and received a receipt with the yogi`s photograph on it which gave Information also about taxes in India. That was on my mind.
"When you walked in here, did anyone ask you for money?". Shivabalayogi aked the question pointedly at me..
No. No one had asked.
"There is no money on Swamiji`s mind." Shivabalayogi had said very pin pointedly to me.

Is it that: The object of dhyana is the Guru`s form?

I had worked on exactly five forms of Shivabalayogi in my dhyan which I was able to mentally keep. I was not in need of any outer Photograph on an altar of. Shivabalayogi who lived in those forms in my own mind.
One day, an inner voice in dhyan said, `yes, that is Swamiji` and then the audible presence opened my mind a`little further to all the other photographs and pictures ever taken and all the forms in which the yogi had and would present himself in the future not only to me but also to others. I had taken more than a year for those five, and it had become five forms to avoid boredom in working on them. The question addressed to me was very obvious. How many did I intend to make, and if I would only leave out one, then what?. Yes I liked the forms but then I painted the screen black in my mind. It was a relief after a few sessions. Shivabalayogi had gone incognito. I needed not to look after, not to keep, not to cling on. Dhyan gives fear because one isn´t used to be alone with oneself. It is an alien field one is stepping on to. The eyes tend to flicker. The slightest outer let´s them flicker and
the eye-balls move. The object is that - the space between the eyebrows called, The Brikuti.
Which Guru?
It is the space between the eye brows, internationally, for everyone who refers to Shivabalayogi DHYAN since given by His Guru to the yogi who in turn is teaching human the same technique ever since and it is done regardless of the prior background of those who approach the yogi and completely given from within.
Which Guru`s feet?
Internally and Internationally is two different words like two completely different photographs of Shivabalayogi. One who refers to international and another who talks about internal are likely to misunderstand one another. First, we need to clarify what it is we are talking about. Nothing is given without experience, not with Shri Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. When HE steps onto the scene spirits and astral bodies accompany him. HE has an entourage like any other Pop Star. Imagination and fantasy are different from one another as imagination is different from Inspiration - and that is why Yogi don´t like the outer spoken word. It leads to find and fight and consumes time. THAT GURU. The one who is caught up in words.
Which mantram ?
The Mantra Om Shiva Bala is like the photograph that the Yogi had and I kept in front of himself and myself on his and my dias. If you want to meditate - shivabala, please do. Others are attached to the yogi more than to God, also if it comes in the form of Shiva Parvati. They do like Swamiji more than God. One can`t ask of God anything besides blessing for dhyan and for love and devotion. One can`t approach God and say one needs God`s help to find one`s dog or that one has a headache. That isn`t advised by the yogi. Only for dhyan and love and devotion. Only then one is on the safe side with God. Safe would mean, one remains in the divine play. God also would try to get you off the table. In other words to resign. God likes temples, especially in his own name and secondly, God likes temples also in all his other names. God likes to be worshipped by mantram, by word, so that others also can hear. What God is not keen to have is human beings in that place where it is said that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
The source is through the Guru´s grace.
Regard it with special attention at the beginning of Tom Palotas` book The Living Yogi once you pass through the gate. Remember the camel! The one in the Bible, not the one in Rajasthan, India.
Pure and poor is a world apart as I have already told R.B. Singh when he had come to Germany with Shivabalayogi`s attendant Jagadish Kumar. I have talked with him about the Yoga Vashistha and explicitly told which of the stories I liked. He had responded that even he liked those ones. I need not repeat which of the stories. It is quite obvious to someone who knows The Yoga Vashistha.
Jagadish knows, R.B. Singh knows and yet I have to defend my own book. They are men, they come down if they talk on behalf of a women like a "Bibi ka Ghulam"
The entrance story has been Lord Ganesh`s or rather his own brother`s, you know which one. It seems to be all in second case, in Genetiv form. In the form of which.
Which witch?
In the form of letters, those witches. In Shakti Rupa.. If the Guru has been given four hands what is he using them for?
For don`t touch any of his devotees? As it has already been said, not the brightest candle on the cake.
Who is it?
It is the photograph of His Highness of Bhadawar performing the arathi to Shri Swamiji Shivabalayogi Maharaj. I have taken the photograph myself after the evening program in April 1979 at the compound of my brother`s house in Agra. His wife, Maharani of Bhadawar, has sent to me her memories so that I use them for my book. Had It been my own memories only, I wouldn´t have cared but it`s been handed to me by my own family and it is my responsibility to make a foundation on which to keep and preserve those special memories. It is the husband of my own sister - in - law, Maharani of Bhadawar, and what she`s said is "Guru is higher than God". My own husband she had given deep knowledge in one word, aloud, so I could also hear. "Bibi ka Ghulam". I knew by her intonation that it was a special word that I needed to keep.
Immediately, on my return to Lucknow the next day, I asked what it means.. It was acknowledged by an improving smile, that was all. No further questions were asked. No one wanted to know who had said. No one wanted to get involved in it. The term was, we know, we have done. We need not prove. Until when I came, then everything changed. They hadn`t given programs in Agra since eight years. Yes, and Seenu had also come for the occasion. He would know what is bhava and how it works and how it`s put to use. Of course, anyone can confirm. Please, telephone Shiva Rudra Balayogi. I have no need. I had to face it as I had said in what I believe. In MY SELF.
There is nothing wrong in believing in one`s own self and to start dhyan on that foundation. But it is a fragile foundation and is only possibly by the grace of Shri Swamiji. I invisible that grace, one starts easily thinking that one has done it very well, if not to say, jolly good. It was Adi Narayain who was nearly speechless upon listening to me, who had remarked in a private darshan with Shivabalayogi in Bangalore towards me, "But don´t you know that it is all with Swamiji`s Blessing that you could do what you did?"
"Thank you very much," I had said upon his interfering words to Shivabalayogi, "but I managed very well on my own." Would you believe it! That is Grand!
What are you afraid of? It`s not a duck. It`s a sea gull. Jonathen Livingston Seagull, we presume. We know that there is no letter e.

R.B. Singh - Bird Body. Thick Brain.
At the time of Mataji`s death, Sri Swamiji was staying in the house of one of his American hosts. An unusual looking bird came to Sri Swamiji´s window and would not leave that entire day. When the news arrived of her death, the bird died before Sri Swamiji`s presence, and he performed the rites for the bird.
It is the foundation of Mr. R.B. Singh who had come to Germany from England and given 4 programs in Shivabalayogi´s bhava and had been accompanied by Mr. Jagadish Kumar. Both, had traveled on instruction of Miss Yashoda and it had been arrangend by Thomas L. Palotas with the respective Trustees in England and the U.S.A.
R.B. Singh had given programs on the fourth floor of a building in Hamburg.. Of Course, he`s responsible and not Mr. M.P. Singh from Agra. He hasn`t been hosted, he hadn`t been invited in spite of Mr. Tom Palotas who had requested that we invite Swamiji in bhava on Mr. M.P. Singh in 1996 in addition to Mr. R.B. Singh who had come in 1994. We should write, letters ect. and book, he said he thinks, that was also coming.
Would they accknowledge those facts, no!
Shivabalayogi Maharaj hasn`t decided on anything or anyone he is coming upon now and then. Anyone who feels should do it can do it. There are no restrictions. There is no special bhava on M.P. Singh. He feels he should do the mission on behalf of Shivabalayogi Maharaj. It`s his devotees who claim. They are the trouble makers.

Sri Swamiji told devotees as late as February of 1994 that neither his mother nor Mataji had taken new births. They were always with him, giving advise and warnings. They came in his dreams and he said it was as they had never left. If they had no need to take up a new body, why should Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He had completed his mission. Most of his devotees were very disturbed by Swamiji`s return in a state of bhava on some of his devotees while the great Yogi`s mahasamadhi could be visited in his native village Adivarapupeta, in South India.

And since the focus is so much on M.P. Singh and everything is arranged around his presence there isn`t much, there is hardly anything he can do for devotees. If he`s doing for one he has to do for all. He is under observation because he did Kaya Kalpa for Swamiji. I don`t even spell out the word in English. Better not. It´s big business. There is nothing that people wouldn´t do if by those means they could get hold of that knowledge worth having. Call a spade a spade.
M.P. Singh set out to change the bhava in order to make Shivabalayogi Maharaj more lovable. What a disaster!
Now we have to keep on telling people, yes he touches devotees but like this not like that and there are enough women who could, you know, claim. There is something very strange to it. If one really did inform officials in the Mission, a Managing International Trustee, about the experiences one had had with the bhava on M.P. Singh and R.B. Singh, they weren´t happy to read and have received it. Not at all. It was difficult to have believe them in my quite ordinary experieces like French-Kissing Swamiji in England. Thomas L. Palotas seemed to feel concerned about M.P. Singh Swamiji, Shivabalayogi in Bhava on, instead of me. He didn`t inquire any further, he offered no help even though what I had presented to him, in spite of one could say. If a yogi did what I had written then it would be Misuse of Power but ....nothing happened. know, the fault is .... who`s? It would be regarded a ....what case? Thomas L. Palotas is trained. He must know. There is no excuse. He is an International Trustee of Shivabalayogi Maharaj and didn`t support me. He didn`t defend me. METOO, hi.
On who`s behalf if not on mine. I am the only one who had given him the evidence. There is no one else. I could spread it, I had people read it. Not a single person inquired and offered to inform officials. One single person. That is all. That is amazing. What happens? Nothing happens. That ´s how I know for sure. Women had written letters to Thomas L. Palotas, very ugly information they had given him, he claimed. He claimed and did nothing.
What is he going to do for devotees on a spiritual level, ask yourself! It`s not regarde a proper foundation? You bet, now it is. M.P. Singh - Bird brain. Thick body.
"Swamiji, it`s not good for the Mission."
"Very good, very good!" Swamiji exclaimed. "Go, get vibhuti!"
He had sent me to the room where his father - in - law had been staying and he gave me vibhuti when I told him that Swamiji had said he should. He had been keeping moun(silence) on instruction of Swamiji. That was the best for him because as events developed.. I think, he `d have gone out of his mind. It is very difficult to keep in control when it is ones, one`s own. The father - in - law of M.P. Singh is a Chauhan and the Chauhan are of Agni Vansh. When there would be a problem amongst the Rajputs, they are not all in good terms with one another. It`s another story but of course, the rest isn´t history because I am one-eko aham. Then they would come!
I shall be many. They would come in the form of three.

"And you did fly and serve," of course, not. I would have liked to but one needs an American passport. The person who did fly with Shivabalayogi Maharaj is known in Lucknow as Lal Saheb. He is no more with us. He and my brother-in-law had taken Swamiji from New Delhi to Lucknow. His experience has been related to readers. My brother had given it to me in writing as well as in audible form. He had repeatedly told the story. The yogi had been invited and stayed in the house quite shortly after the head of the family, by profession a pilot, had expired in a helicopter crash in Nepal. Shivabalayogi Maharaj has come to Lucknow, the capital of U.P. in India. The entire family in Lucknow knows whom I am writing about. There isn´t any doubt.
No doubt, the title `In the footsteps of the yogi` was given in ignorance thereof. Mr. M.P. Singh is M.P. Singh, then and now and he`ll return, after the programs are finished, once the mission is completed, back to India. Every year M.P. Singh Swamiji does and goes through the same Prozedere.
"Where is the bhava? Where is the bhava?" Go look for it. Find it!
Of Course is certainly one of my favourites. I had been told, don`t use it. The British don`t like it. They regard those as arrogant. Nothing is of course in what I am writing. Of course, not. Of Course, there has been prior teaching. I am not the brightest candle on the cake. Everything, the whole tactic, had to be given in advance and that was the most difficult, that I can tell you. The pattern I wouldn`t know myself. Had I known, I wouldn´t have agreed. Never would I have agreed. I had regarded it simple, like what R.B. Singh was doing. It didn`t look very difficult. It hadn`t appeared complicated. Yes, I was asked and I had said, yes, I can do for Swamiji what R.B. Singh is doing. There wasn`t the slightest doubt.
Siddhi is when it comes effortless. That is when it looks very simple to others. There is no effort given. It comes by the way. If it don´t come I don´t care, not like R.B. Singh. We learned from one another. That`s how to do it in case and in that case I did this and that is what happened. That one would do it. Shivabalayogi in Bhava did in English from day one, of course. The first word he had said? NO.

In England, people had already asked how Swamiji had come upon and I did answer it in a wide circle like serving in tennis and it ended on "and then he forgot his socks."
No. They wouldn´t respect it. It had been regarded an ordinary trance, whatever that is in connection to trance. R.B. Singh´s had been an ordinary Swami bhava but unsual certainly was that two people from the Spiritistic Society of England had also come to one of the programs. For normal people there isn`t anything ordinary to a state of trance. It is quite freaky. I had asked Tom Palotas to give me one experience of his in a state of Trance or bhava in form of a writing, in retrospective seen. He couldn´t because he`d never had been in such a state and in his writing one couldn`t make sense to what he gave, really, but not really and then really.. there didn´t seem to be much reality in it. It sounded like someone trying to see and feel something that is and is not at the same time, keeping it up by a lot of good will and the possibility to stop it at any given time.
In England, they were in the habit of putting vibhuti on someone´s forehead in case of any strange movements or behaviour and that didn´t make sense at all.. Whereas in India, programs without the occurance of trance were simply regarded not good. Swamiji had to manifest in bhava upon someone. Only then the kirtan would have been regarded as properly performed. That was the absolute special feature to the yogi. It was like hard rock, it blew the mind of the people, it hadn`t been heard of before, it was something new on the spiritual scene. Ordinary is not a very precize word and neither is normal. R.B. Singh was an intelligent men and also concerned.
In the book `The Living Yogi` one finds a very short passage where Swamiji says (that) if he would give a lot of bhava then those people would be taken to the mental hospitals. More isn`t needed. More one need not read. That´s it. Give them fear and it´s not obvious any more that they weren´t in any position to give trance. Shivabalayogi Maharaj had left and it were mainly spirits dancing about. The kirtans weren`t good. Not good enough. The energy didn´t go up. People were heart broken. He had left. It felt emty and hollow. Swamiji had said, he is not in need of a body, well and good, but the people`s reality was an emty hall and not that the yogi was with them or talked to them, neither was the yogi close to them. They couldn´t honestly claim yogi has never left. And politics, there was a lot of politics in the ashram, that had been said.
Don`t take anything for granted. One never knows. Ready when you are. Be Shiva
Write in hindi. On request, England´s adress has been removed from the International Trust`s adress list. It is Deutschland/England = shivabalayogi DE
Deutschland and England are like neighbors in one house and not like lovers or like friends. They are equal to one another and hence it is given DE What they have in common is, the house they´re living in is not their own. Hence it´s been said, it is not bulit on a proper Shivabalayogi Maharaj foundation. The Yogi, whether living or not, has no say in the house, no demand on it and no control over it. How can anyone claim that this is Shivabalayogi`s website? The Yogi had given the same example on the human Body. How can one call one´s own what one has no control of? On that foundation, by taking the control over the body of someone who had come to the ashram in Bangalore, India the great yogi had started his Mission in India on the foundation of his own land of his own ashram in the City of Bangalore.
A Tourist like Mr. M.P. Singh is certainly in no Position to do what Shivabalayogi Maharaj, as a citizen of his own folk and country land, whether one calls it India or Bharat could do and can stop at any point in time, within one second, so to speak. Shivabalayogi Maharaj has completed Yuga Tapas. Shivabalayogi Maharaj is not a Real Estate Agent by profession. Shivabalayogi Maharaj is doing what a lawyer would do on behalf of a client. That is also the job of this yogi. Yogi is working for the benefit of human and a little bit of God´s. It is not as free born as American people are made to believe. There are two. DE One sees enlightment in the house. One can easily find it in Don´t Disturb The Nightingale. The man knows what he`s talking about and we share the same name. Better to do this then to wrongly imagine it He had adviced where and when and on which page. A thousand times he as corrected me. It´s done like with these earphones of today who need no more outer connection which one could observe by looking. One takes part in a chess competition, any chess competition, and one would be told what to do, which move from where to where and of course, one could lose. Only one thing one shouldn`t do. One shouldn´t go places where one is told not to go. One should be able to follow instructions. One shouldn´t do anything on one`s own accord. The reason is very simple. Like in chess, one wouldn´t know unless one is a Master.
The son? Are you kidding the people, Shri Swamiji was born to his parents and not to God. "Don´t you know there is God sitting there?" that question was also asked but it wasn`t given to Shivabalayogi. It was directed at me who had asked the yogi a question. A very simple question. Though it was simple it came from very deep within. It was a question I had suffered with. Those are the best questions. Those questions the yogi is waiting for. With those questions one can work and do something. They are made of a different substance. If one puts them on a scale they weigh heavy.
I had asked, for how long need one meditate in order to know there is something to it. That it isn`t fake. I wasn´t prepared for it. Not at all. Alone.