I am one - eko aham

It goes for the questions people have as well as for the lies they are told equally well.

I am one .............- .............I shall be many.
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More than 2 meter in a square isn´t needed for dhyan. That is a lot.. NO.
Sri Ramakrishna


The yogis are those human beings who are no more in search of truth.
The yogis are those human beings who are no saints.
The yogis are those human beings who - at least - are self realized.

Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj is a God-realized Yogi, and that is rare to find in the form of Ardhanarishwara.

Yogi isn`t someone who believes there is God. Yogi is a knowing human being. Yogi kows what is and what is not.
Of a Yogi one can expect the full and complete realization of EGO which for an unrealized human being is identical to GOD.
WHO ARE YOU? One can expect that question asked..:
ARYA SAMAJ...... then it is YOU. It can be no other. You shall be asked. I shall be writing.
Emphasis Seva


"Whom shall I ask for one?" All the same he saw the villagers the next day and represented to them the mischief done by the rats. Having heard all he had to say, the villagers said, "Who will keep you supplied with the cloth every day? Just do one thing keep a cat; it will keep away the rats." The sadhu forthwith secured a kitten in the village and carried it to his hut. From that day on the rats ceased to trouble him and there was no end to his joy. The sadhu now began to tend the useful little creature with great care and feed it on the milk begged from the village. After some days, a villager said to him: "Sadhuji, you require milk every day; you can supply your want for a few days at most by begging; who will supply you milk all the year round? Just do one thing keep a cow. You can satisfy your own creature comforts by drinking its milk and you can also give some to your cat." In a few days the sadhu procured a milk cow and had no occasion to beg for milk any more. By and by, the sadhu found it necessary to beg for straw for his cow. He had to visit the neighbouring villages for the purpose but the villagers said, "There are lots of uncultivated lands close to your hut, just cultivate the land and you shall not have to beg for straw for your cow." Guided by their advise, the sadhu took to tilling the land. Gradually he had to engage some labourers and later on found it necessary to build barns to store the crop in. Thus he became, in course of time, a sort of landlord. And, at last he had to take a wife to look after his big household. He now passed his days just like a busy householder.

After some time, his Guru came to see him. Finding himself surrounded by goods and cattle, the Guru felt puzzled and enquired of a servant, "An asketic used to live here in a hut, can you tell me where he has removed himself?" The servant did not know what to say in reply. So the Guru ventured to enter into the house, where he met his disciple. The Guru said to him, "My son, what is all this?" The disciple, in great shame fell at the feet of his Guru and said, "My Lord, all for a single piece of loin-cloth!"

They couldn`t and they wouldn`t.
That is the truth of the two Trusts in Bangalore.
Those people have no intelligence

Dhyan daan taken from Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj in Agra, "Bhadawar House", India, in April 1979.
It matters more than you think.

Don´t fall in between
Babaji is not the only one. He is one of many.
Yogi,we presume is living, if people have questions should we

It was she who introduced Swamiji to food. During His severe austerities practiced while duing the 12 years `Tapas`, Swamiji only had milk to drink. When He started His puplic work he was only having fluids, juices and butter-milk, milk etc. He was not able to retain solid food.. Mama explained to Him that now he would be working physically and would need food. Slowly and systematically she started Swamiji on solid foods until He was able to eat like any normal person. He had a very discerning, very sensitive palet