!/A Phase3, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore
Can you stop being provocative for once, that question was also asked. Rhetorical question, no question mark to it.

In the Geeta Bhagavatam there are also no question marks. The book is talkative in it`s answer to only one question asked. Think about it! NO, it`s not woman`s talk. In the sacred Gita Bhagavatam, which WOMEN are they talking about. CAN YOU STOP being provocative for once, letter M. was asked. All together they are called THE SHAKT of Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayog, that makes the difference. When Tom could sense a pattern, he had been told. I do not disclose my pattern. That´s it. "Tom, Tom, Swamiji is calling you." First she said and then he said. Who is the she and who is the he? Tom enlightens them. Who is below and who is up? Tom enlightens them. Who to trust? Who is Shivabalayogi? Tom Tom enlightens them. How many websites? How many addresses? Tom Tom! Enlighten them. People do not have a clue. How do you do. The best critic after Shri Swamiji, of course.
The Punctuation mark
am not stopping, only saying. This could create problems. Brahma the creator, in the temple in Bangalore, in the international centre for Indian Culture, created by Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, and The Admission to the compound, to the temple, to the samadhi is given by the rules of: NOW LISTEN! take off your shoes at the gate! People do think, it is the rules given by God. NO, it is not. It is new. Like the ticket selling boxes. It is new. Only in the Yoga Vashistha one would have heard about it. Now everyone knows. You have left the premises of the ashram. Gate is closed. Built a second entrance. When we have all died, how is the yogi living. Ahh! Sri Lakshmikantamma had been asked. The Chairman of Bangalore Centre of Indian Culture..Women are usually passing it on, look after it, decorate the dias where Yogi is sitting, and they do all that before the men appear. Men come when something is to be gained. Men come like Tom Palotas with a sharpened pen and a sheet of paper to make notes and while doing that, wondering why no one had told. One has to keep it in one`s heart when someone gives a personal experience, a spiritual experience, because it`s very difficult to find, to hear and to be given. They are the treasure. Devotees don`t cast them about like they would do perhaps with rice corns. To have five can be regarded a lot. Anything more is a tremendous lot that has been given to a singular person. One has to live and carry it but at least those are one`s own experiences. If one is asked to carry for others, one is given the duty and job of a kuli - it`s India. There it`s normal. There it is quite cruel. There one has no understanding for what foreigners seek. They know but in their heart they don`t. They see very fortunate people, blessed by God with a wonderful Karma. That`s all. How else would they be able to come to Mother India when most of them can´t. And all the knowledge they have. They all learned by books. Their authors very often also are trained by books. That is what Shivabalayogi foretold would happen. More and more books. Three alone of Thomas L. Palotas, can one say it like this in English, alone?
...Mr. R.B. Singh has written like that, has used it: R.B. Singh, alone, in Bangalore. He is the scientist, the long-time disciple of Shivabalayogi Maharaj. More than thirty years. Nothing else to say. He is talkative in a dull way, in spite of the bright colours he wears. In spite of his photograph next to him. In life, he would keep distance. He wouldn`t have seated next to him. No way! That he has in common with Mr. M.P. Singh, no way. They wouldn`t let them enter the ashram, they wouldn`t let them come in. They´d prevent them from walking through the gate on behalf of Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. In life it`s like that when the spiritual Comes. It is not new. It´s old. In books, it`s safe. Nothing can happen. It won´t open up by itself. It is safe on a shelf. One can keep, in case one Needs. Like the vibhuti that the yogi gave. One keeps it because it can`t be gotten again.
Here am I, here we delete. Note the difference. There is no fear for: What if it`s not coming?
The bhava, ask Mr. R.B. Singh, The M. This is not trance. This is common sense, understand? It is most ordinary inner conviction. That is the platform given to Shivabalayogi Maharaj. "Let`s build toilets instead of temples," means for THE LIVING.
Statues don´t need. Murti don`t have to go for a big job. Their reality is different. They wouldn`t know what you are talking about. They are GOD. It is a pure joy ride for them as it is for the foreigners who show up in the ashrams of Shivabalayogi Maharaj. If they don´t like it, if it`s too hot, if the food isn´t suitable to their delicate palet, if it is too loud, if the horns of the cars disturb them in their daily sadhana, ask and stop to be provocative. Don´t you see, there is GOD sitting there? Take off your shoes and behave yourself. It is the most ordinary happening in India. God is always sitting amongst the people and shares in what is theirs. It is called bhava samadhi. It is to be seen all over India, well, not anymore. In the olden days, in Bharat, maybe. Here it`s about toilets, finally. A big heap has come! Someone intonated `Ome` See! So powerful. So closely connected it is in the art net of Shivabalayogi Maharaj. If it´s not coming, HE sends more. Are you shitting me, Tom Palotas asked. What a relief to be able to tell you, no, am not shitting you, Tom Tom, only calling you. T O M !! They would die quietly. Never say die, never say death. Say, in another life. Say, we meet and met, have and had met, shall and shall have met in advanced English it is VI BHU TI it is in three syllables. Would you agree to it? To three syllables? NO, you wouldn`t. Neither would I.
...This is the ash of Shivabalayogi Shankara Bhagwan, why not! There is a second heap coming, even larger than the first one. Behold! O King, behold! "Swamiji shits on it!" years back he has said that. Jagadish Kumar is the witness to it, one of a few more who witnessed it. T H A T, the favourite words. T A T
Who is to clean them, who is to look after those toilets that are to be built instead of the temples? The schedule caste. O, the word is out of use..Untouchable, O, also out of use. The Dalit, achcha! When they come up, it is the pandits to look after and they look after the temples, understand. There is nothing new in it. Read the Yoga Vashistha. There it´s told. This could create problems is: Lord Brahma in everything we see and in everything we don´t see. It is not a matter of changing the law. It is God. Caste and creed has given by God, women are not equal, or men wouldn´t pray. Yogi said but Yogi is not God. This is not Grimm`s Fairy Tales. This is from the Yoga Vashistha. Your caste, your creed ... and then the banner disappeared. Slowly but surely! It means, it is not a Motivation Sheet. It is invisible.
A little bit of guidance is needed. Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj indicated The Great by a tiny gap in between his thumb and forefinger. This is so tiny, it cannnot be shown. It is invisible.
One has to get good ideas---Shivabalayogi had said. With no amount of money can one get good ideas. In love and in freedom, in love and in duty. Tom´s next book should be: "What does the letter l stands for in the name? It can generate so many possibilities, only by that one letter given in his name.

LOVE .....and..... LAW
Thomas....... L. .......Palotas


If this is not what you had expected, if it isn´t living for you, if it´s not your Swamiji then this is entirely your own mental and spiritual problem. YOGI is living. Is in shape and in form. He hasn´t come for proof. Shivabalayogi: Here I proudly present,here I am.

People can see God Ganesh and one can see Swamiji and the high and the low in someone or in something but for how long can one see Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Devi in a human being. If one demands of people to see Shivabalayogi Maharaj in another body then one loses him. It cannot be inforced on people. From the beginning on, from when the discussions have started, we sent a letter to Bangalore and said, it is: Mr. M.P. Singh Swamiji. Nothing has changed in regard of that. It is and still is: Mr. M.P. Singh, Pratap, Pal or whatever Singh, but M.P. it is and SWAMIJI. An incredible lot of work has gone into it. First one has to imagine it.

"splendid" ideas
Again, it`s Shivabalayogi Maharaj, very down to earth, such a reasonable... well.
the page is for. devotees like ..
Commitment, not devotion. It is an introduction page.

It`s funny, isn`t it, Mr. Soloman.
An American devotee would know.

An American devotee would know who was Martin Luther King.
Not every American devotee knows that the famous speech of Martin Luther King is under Copyright. He had immidiately applied for it. Those famous words, I have a dream, is under copyright for seventy years. "Let me be your Inspiration. Let me guide you on the path. Let me lead you to the region where the higher beings are. To the sphere where God will listen and the deva chose to dance. Believe me, trust me because I can. All under copyright, understand? It is a long time.
Tom Palotas had a dream and his wife Pat Templeman had written and sent it to a secluded circle of people.

In retrospective seen and so many years later, it was on that day when Thomas L. Palotas stopped to be a lawyer.

The question is asked by letter S. It´s splendid idea is, in order to have another perspective, an alternative explaination, a different view on the topic, please turn the painting around to the right - to the left - upside down, if you like. Twist and turn it, as you like! First, one need to imagine it. On top of, understand! Strong Blessing. Very strong Blessing! Is a prelimanary given, by Shivabalayogi Maharaj. Or else, it blows a person away, simple as that.The hair of Satya Raju twisted up by the power of God and not in a hair salon where, in Jamaica they have and carry it like yogi. Hair, in an upright position, when one`s own hair stands up in an upright position, if that feeling is given, it is an experience of fear given to human. Dogs give you a warning!
...I give you a hug and a kiss. The story relates, Shivabalayogi Maharaj named his dog.
am not blaming. only saying.
...It is like it is with that famous Mantra Rama Rama. `When one repeats, let`s say five times, then it changes into another word. It happens on it`s own accord. Most prefer to say it only twice: Rama Rama

Understand..they fold it up! They don`t put it in a headline. Actually, Swamiji ment to say, is how his interpreters will help people to digest it. Most of it will get deleted! That is what happens usually after Mahasamadhi. It is not a Cake Party, not a birthday celebration, when a yogi takes Mahasamadhi. It is the time when the accounts are made. What did the yogi Claim in his lifetime, what did the yogi say, Thomas L. Palotas had kept it, and how much and what has come true of it. What did the yogi do in his lifetime. People saw him seated on a chair in his native village in Adivarapupeta. Thomas L. Palotas was told, but actually, he had volunteered for it, for that splendid idea! WE NEED A BOOK. And he set out to tell the people what had happened to Shivabalayogi, to the king of all yogis. One needs courage. Or - one needs to be very very naiv.

On 6th of September, 20017. What you see is Swamiji. One is enough.
On 7th of September 2017 you see ordinary people. No Swamiji is in it.
On 8th of September 2017 it is one week.



This is an imagination of the mind.
On 18th of March 1995 Shri Swamiji`s face manifested during a Abisheka ceremony on Shivalingam. That`s what has been given to the devotees and disciples from India.

..........................................Lord Shankara himself is not a theory. This is sincere.

This is the foundation given by the Indian devotees to us. It makes all paintings of shivabalayogi maharaj possible without having to think about in who´s Copyright the photographs of Shivabalayogi Maharaj is kept and given or withdrawn. That can happen at any point in time with those people who start up as ardent devotees, become trustees and then it becomes initially and then they forget. Not only you, alone. The close ones, the gate in front of your nose, yes. Yogi is living, only you don´t. That is what Sri Lakshmikantamma had to say when I thought, everything is nice and quiet. They can make some public relation on your behalf and then it is likely to appear like this. They can threaten you as they threatened Shri Lakshmikantamma, the former chairman. The difference would be, if there is no Shivabalayogi, in times of distress they tell, they say it very casually, "ask Swamiji!" As long as the going is good, you know .... and as soon as possible, you should write.
You should demand on the living SHIVABALAYOGI
You should insist on the living SHIVABALAYOGI
You should expect the living SHIVABALAYOGI
It cannot be a challenge given to Thomas L. Palotas. Perhaps you would give to Tom, but Shivabalayogi Maharaj knows Tom Palotas. He is Yogi. He makes no mistakes. He takes his instructions from God, his Guru. No Tom Tom Palotas. Not possible.