Lord Shiva taught Him and He taught us.
If we can comment on his Mission, why can´t you.
If we can object, why can´t you.

In the attitude of, what did he say, did He say GURU?
To us He has given in the attitude of a friend. That accounts for the vast difference.
Would you agree to guru is friend? God is not your friend.

Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj claimed, the first and only who has had God as Guru in written times.
The nadis say, who says what the nadis sayS
The nadis say what the respective rishi said. Lord Shiva is Lord of the universe., that Lord Shiva Shri Swamiji claimed HIS GURU:your friend.

The Boy had to do twelve years of Tapas. After he had completed eight years of Tapas he still didn`t know who is Guru.
Now, there are people who know. In order to know one needs to know very Little. One needs to know that one drop that has the potential to change a room full of milk.
Or, one need to be able to call a spade a spade. "But mind, I haven`t come to you. You have called me." Indians can`t say. It is: Siddhi of four directions. It is yogin. It is yogini.
Indians, especially HIS BANGALORE devotees, are on what is not. Who is not.

The Art of, yes, Indians do..And He couldn´t do it.

Sri Shiva Rudrabala Yogi completed five years of Tapas on Satya Sai Baba`s birthday, the 23rd of November 1999. Birth- and death certificates are a new invention in India and shouldn`t have been given too much importance. In India, timings are not openly shared. Never openly given. One would know whether one has a guru or whether one has a friend. It isn´t spelled out.
We need a book. Who should write it, you. I am 100% sure.
Chandra Banj Deo, Swaroop. People sometimes like The Substitute more than The Original. Especially, when The Original is only a photographic image. Ask Swamiji Of course.
"You are not to go to the guru´s Guru!" It is much too much Swamiji and too Little love. Easily available, much more easily available, believe or not. In love and freedom. Understand? Not by Horoskope. Yes. Shankara Bhagwan. Yes.
That is the pattern. It is not coming from somewhere, somehow. It is Shivabalayogi Maharaj. It is something. It is a case. WE have a case. If M.P. Singh is not Shivabalayogi. If M.P. Singh is Mahendra Pal Singh. We teach you. It is only a website. And where is Swamiji now? Now he is in dhyan. Waiting for you. Don`t say Bala! The One who crossed the ocean of Tapas, Shiva Kala Aum

Mr. Tom Palotas, I don`t know what a sincere man would do but I am deadly serious. It is unique. It cannot be copied. In the words of Mr. M.P. Singh Swamiji: "Chapter closed."
The Living has a beginning and it has an end. What remains is yogi. What remains is yogi and time. Twelve years have passed since 2005. Shivabalayogi in America. Shivabalayogi in Canada! Shivabalayogi in America. Shivabalayogi in Canada, in America and on and on, if we can why can´t you? All the info @shiva.org