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Swamiji: Either it was an agent of Shankara Bhagwan who had come or it was Shankara Bhagwan himself.
Devotee: But Swamiji, that happened more than twenty years ago!

It means, one wouldn`t forget. Shiva`s private parts are a very fine instrument - if someone Comes in love. Damaru bole, hare Shiva Shankara! In german, it is my own. In english, it is for more people. In Hindi, it is for Swamiji. It is too good to be true. For Peple, who see God in Stone it is no Problem whatsoever to see Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj in his disciple Mr. M.P. Singh. It`s as simple as that. These is the goal posts. The goal keeper is usually found in between the two. What accounts for the great difference is whether Swamiji manifests upon a man or upon a woman, and it depends on whether a man or woman brings Swamiji from India to a western country or whether Swamiji comes on a man or woman from a western country to India to talk to Indians on their home ground. It is not a matter of having a big beard or of not having a big beard.

Indians are not in need to be told by foreigners, and especially not by women. Indians have been fed and brought up by the spoon of wisdom. Very high, very advanced they think and regard themselves. Many many lives or as one says in India: Janam Janam !

The Mr. Gopanna, who we met, said, he wouldn`t know. It is all Swamiji on Miss Yashoda. He, Mr. Gopanna, followed given instructions. I insist on calling the whole Group of People Devotees. A devotee is an enthusiast and enthusiasm is an eager liking or interest.
Mr. Chauhan is an ardent devotee, an ardent believer. His Eleven-paged-letter speaks volumes of it.
Jagadish Kumar`s comment on whether our talks would disturb Mr. R.B. Singh`s dhyan were at the time what, ask him!
Hindi Master, chanting ang worshipping Shivabalayogi is supposed not having been concerned about the fragil dhyan of People, giving first Preference to what he was doing? Those People should have increased their own concentration on what they were doing instead of what Hindi Master was doing, and it would have deepened their Meditation.
Vision a boxer in the ring who complaints that the enthusiastic audience is making to much noise, disturbing his/her concentration. Which idiot signs responsible for that old guard nonsense talk, spread worldwide? Tom Palotas could not ge himself to feel enthusiastic about the second best. Ever since, for him only the best. Nothing and none less than that.
Who says? If Swamiji would know, he wouldn`t ask. Who is the best? Only those who wouldn`t and cannot object. Swamiji on M.P. Singh objected. He isn´t to be found. For people who seek confirmation and understanding. "Tom Tom! Swamiji is calling you," who said?

When a Chauhan sends an Eleven-paged-letter to the Followers of Shivabalayogi Maharaj and the devotees of the great yogi state in their Reply to that Eleven-paged-letter unable to understand what the letter conveys to them then it becomes the duty of Rajputs to help the understand of what it is about.
There is a bond between the Chauhan and the Sisodias tied in the aeons of time and manifest in the annuals and history of India.The Chauhans and the Sisodia aren`t in Need of making a Name for themselves because they already have a Name. When a Chauhan sends a letter, eleven-paged-Long, it means something. Take it for granted. It takes you to the deserts of Rajasthan, to honor and dishonor, and it helps you understand what happens to the women in Nigeria and to Jesiden women and many others today, and to what the women of Rajastjan did at the time back in Indian history.
Sati is connected to the temple of Draksharam. Sati is the ADI SHAKTI on top of the list, Lord Shiva`s spouse.
Yes, "Swamiji shits on it," that has been said.