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There are 24 syllables starting from TAT

The Majority

Who are the yogis? The yogis are ordinary men.

Like doctors and like lawyers also, yogis are ordinary men who are trained in a subject, provided they`ve passed all the tests, in a period of twelve years and not run away from their studies... These men are known as yogis after completion of Tapas. They do their studies mainly in the state of samadhi in their own body. The difference is to be found in the mothers to those ordinary men. If one is to believe Thomas L. Palotas who has come very close to Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, the greatest yogi ever in written human history, the mothers of yogis are very pure ladies. The author didn´t claim to understand his own books, written under the personal guidance of Shri Swamiji., at his, at the feet. If one talks of yogi as a person it is: Yogin, and in female it is. Yogini. In Sanskrit, in old Indian language it all makes sense. Get in touch with the scholars to prove on it. Yogi is not only for believers come. Also the Vedanta, of course. There are so many societies in India. Shivabalayogi, Shri Swami teaches his own devotees and disciples. The more they learn, the more he teaches. No books and pamphlets, that is for sure. Only one page, that´s all.

"There is Swamiji South and there is Swamiji North. My Swamiji is gone.". An individual`s answer.

Where is Swamiji? Swamiji is having four bodies. One is regarded physical body, one is astral body, one is mental body, one is causal body. Yogi is to have taken up the causal body after taking mahasamadhi. That is where we are, where Swamiji is, when we are at the samadhi, when we are thinking and remembering him, when we mediatate, when we do bhajan is where he is. Swamiji has given names to four people: R.B. Singh, M.P. Singh, Seenuji and Jagadish Kumar. When they come that is where the Swamiji are in plural. A different colour is associated to each of the four bodies.. His body is white refers to the physical body made of stone and other materials. It is never in the colour in which it was, where Swamiji is living., .

Tom Palotas would get for his efforts and long lasting behaviour, thank you for all you`ve done for Swamiji. Whether it´s a lot or not depends on who says. It could only be words and could also be more. It all depends on who says.
There is that mytholocical Story told in india, where Lord Hanuman was approached for protection and help and Lord Hanuman, so very sure of himself, missed out on asking who he was to given protection of. First he submitted himself and then asked, by the way, who is after you?
OH, Ravanna! that is, of course, another story. Like `Tumko kono taquleef´, like that story. Logical!

His wife, M.P. Singh´s, would have been present at the time of manifestation in full power of Sri Swamiji? I wouldn`t regard it as a pointed question, more in general asked for, yes why not, General Hanut Singh and others, residing in Dehra Dun. There are lots of Military People, very much devoted to Shivabalayogi Maharaj and the Guest House of Maharaj and Maharani, that was so kindly and generously donated in the last century to Shri Swamiji.
Some call their own, some pay rent, some come by taxi and some come in their own car. Some have a guru, some have a driver. "Which car have they come in?" Sri Swamiji in Agra asked those belonging to his staff. "In Bhadawar house car," one of them pointed out. BHADAWAR HOUSE: Keep it for the glossary. It is a side track only. Good enough for a novel. They wouldn´t like to find their names in it.
Some come by foot. Some walk. I haven`t mentioned in the previous sentence. Spirits love to talk. Four hours, that is a lot. Their quarters are in the south, not here. xiii - one can`t on top, on the right page. Is the wrong place for it.. No guidance and everyone sees. Needs to be corrected! Urgently, means at your earliest, and not perhaps. Aren´t we all looky-loos? All those who had come for the funeral to Adivarapupeta, and so quickly, in such a hurry they could suddenly, upon that auspicious occasion, cross the Indian continent because Yogi had left. Don´t say dead! Not that makes a difference but if one wants to be polite, one says Mahasamadhi. A great man, no doubt. Anang Singh Deo had personally taken me out onto the porch of my Bhabi`s house and there he had talked to me. Three times afterwards, on that one and only occasion, he offered his help, in case of need. I had great doubts but now see, so well it`s come up. In those days, in the eighties, Shivabalayogi Maharaj, was there and well and our Dada Bhai. Only one he had taken onto the porch of the house. Only one could grasp and keep his experiences. Only one witness. He had got tempted to try. God likes that, sometimes. Not this time. This time for sure. take take take. Try. Not possible. Either one is or one is not
a Jnani, a Jnana Yogi and if one is: Jnani can differentiate what would be Tapas Shakti and what is Shakti Rupa. The purpose of shakti rupa was given by Thomas L. Palotas. The Tapas not. The title to the book had been given, openly in the Centre of Indian Culture in Bangalore. To devotees, disciples they are called if they do what Shivabalayogi said. For that they would have to be, now think, be what?

..........................................................A compensation for a sincere man.
Can one compare the father one has to the father one has not?

"Come! Come!"Read, read! The needs of humanity in the aeons of time, by Mrs. Mringanka Gupta
We had told the story about Lord Ganesh and his brother Lord Karttikeya. It is taken for granted that the spiritual minded know and remember. No. It is not repeated. Not this time. This time we keep it. Just like in the story, married one time. Every Indian knows, every hindu knows. There is no way one can say one didn`t know. For that it simply takes too long. When one gets up one knows one is married. It is like tapas. One can compare, certainly.. What one can´t compare is the tapas one has to the tapas one has not. When one arises, one knows.
Benares at the Ganges. There is a river. There is for sure.
Tat Shivabalayogi "Back! Back! Go back!" The more the better. From far one sees more and comes spiritually closer, our Dada Bhai had remarked, and since he is elder to us in years and well advanced and high above in his experiences we are giving it here:

here we pray, make us like you. The Gayatri, the mantra. There it makes sense. The living yogi is a title questionable and very much against. It should, it will achieve - not.
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!/A Phase3, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore

Indians can do. It means, you can´t.. The laws are different. They change their names as quickly as, find the comparison to it yourself. Shivabalayogi Maharaj is known for his reliability and not for changing names. He is born in Adivarapupeta in 1935 and returned to Adivarapupeta in 1994 and hasn`t left anywhere. One cannot travel on a certificate of death. It is not possible. One has to be reasonable also, not only an ardent believer. Thomas L. Palotas can regard himself a full-blooded American. It is all a matter of which passport one holds, and Mr. M.P. Singh Swamiji knows that. There is no question of what and who he is or as what and who he regards himself to be. Everbody knows. What one should see in Shivabalayogi is another Pop up. Remember, like mushrooms in a dense forest..Tom had asked, are you shitting me? Judge yourself.

....over night. .... we dot it.
shivabalayoga----- shivabalayogi
.......What living idols won`t do. Make a list!

There had been three of us. In Kashi we were five. The questions need to be answered and not postponed to another life. There were severe claims made against Mr. M.P. Singh and of course, it needs to be clarified on behalf of the women and on behalf of Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He misbehaved? What are we to make of that, How did he misbehave, like a naughty boy? The letters are with Thomas L. Palotas. Those who have claimed to have become victims have written and given their experiences to Thomas L. Palotas. The experience is with us. He had to leave the country. We brought him to the Airport and most of the people had only heard rumors. They didn´t know what happened and they didn´t know why. Two programs were cancelled in London, U.K. Tom! Tom! had been uttered in the centre in Bangalore on behalf of the manifestation of Shri Swamiji on Yashoda. The first for Tom Palotas. She, Swamiji on her, asked for a book to be written within one week. Tom Palotas had volunteered and then...and now 23 years have passed and it is quite obvious. Even the given title by M.P. Singh Swamiji is nonsense. Not initially, through and through and nothing new. To this day we read, my wife Pat Templeman, after Sri Swamiji, is my best and most supportive critic and she chose the photographs which grace these pages. And before the AUM of M.B. Ramaradhya, in the book The Living Yogi, by Thomas L. Palotas. A long letter of Cate Viscusi is also there with Thomas L. Palotas and in spite of it we only find: Who are the yogis? But if it is the devotees who together make the living yogi, where have they all disappeared and mainly women it seems to be. The yogis is we. We, the devotees......Swami Vivekanand, Gnana Yoga..self evolved.

"Tom,Tom! Time is calling you."

It is twenty-four-years in 2018
Be calm. Blessings. Blessings to the
It is not a nursery home. It is not a kindergarden. It is the room of Gods. They are living there. For how long are gods living? When is their birthday celebrated? What do the Pandits say? Would they agree to Shivabalayogi Maharaj, not more than four chapattis a day for a yogi? To a bath not needed, to how you feel about it? Ask.! The Gods are listening. In shakti rupa means, you would have to take the trouble and write and then it is read out aloud to <The Gods..
On behalf of Swayambhu Lingam in Adivarapupeta, only in case if Babaji should ask, who said? Men to the left. Ladies to the right.No question marks. No marks at all. Without blamish. Without error. Not to forget, Bali and animal rights. On behalf of all the goats and buffaloes and those who ride upon.

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